Travel in Canada

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3 nights Discount up to 12%

Family Fun in Vancouver

A Great City to Discover

7 nights Discount up to 15%

Amazing Vancouver Island

A Wonderful Road Trip

9 nights Discount up to 13%

Western Canada in Full-Scale

Lasting memories…

6 nights Great Experience

14 nights The Grand Tour

Exploring from the Rockies to the Pacific

Treasures of Western Canada

3 nights Fabulous

Château Life in Banff (with car rental)

An Outstanding Experience

3 nights Entertaining!

Family Fun in Niagara

Endless Discoveries and Activities

3 nights Elegance

14 nights Awesome

In the Heart of the Canadian Rockies

High Point of the Most Beautiful Settings in Canada

4 nights Discount up to 16%

3 nights Discount up to 12%

Discover the Thousand Islands

Jewels Scattered on the River's Waters

14 nights Excusivity

Conquest of the West on a Motorcycle

The Ride of your Dreams

7 nights For Everyone!

Classic Ontario

A True Vacation

10 nights Diverse !

Ontario's Splendours

Full Scale of Settings and Experiences

3 nights Discount up to 20%
2 nights Discount up to 10%

The Charm of Niagara Valley

Waterfall and Wine

2 nights Discount up to 27%

Urban Experience in Toronto

Colourful Metropolis

13 nights From a Different Angle

Western Canada’s Splendors

Western Loop with Interior Passage Cruise

2 nights Up to 23% discount

Urban Experience in Toronto, by Train

Worry-Free Visit of the Metropolis

5 nights Discount up to 10%

Okanagan Valley Tour

Western Terroir

7 nights Exclusive Package
3 nights A Great Getaway

7 nights Rewarding Experience

Albertan Getaway

So Many Things to See